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Buying equipment for Church worship

Our instruments are old, worn out and require constant money to repair. For new instruments and equipment we need 4000 USD.


On a daily basis, we need to feed an average of 20 people at the center and therefore ood donations are of great importance. You can donate Milk, Sugar, Flour, Tinned fish, Tinned meat and vegetables, dried pasta & noodles, rice, tea bags and Instant coffee, potatoes, garlic and onion, cabbage and other non-perishable food.
In addition, we require liquid soap, shampoos, detergent, cleaners and sanitizers, dishwashing liquid.

Reconstructing an old stable into apartment and offices

Right next to the main building there is an old stable (included in the purchasing costs) we plan to reconstruct and build one apartment and two offices. This would provide additional space for new students and urgently needed offices for TC Slovenia base of operations and counselling sessions.
It is essential that these two projects are done at once due to the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the Rehabilitation Center. This opens the way for the continuation of the reconstruction of the main building, which will increase the capacity for approximately 50%

funds needed: 50.000 €