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The Goal Of Teen Challenge Slovenia

help people become mentally sound, physically well, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted & spiritually alive.

Teen Challenge Slovenija men's rehabilitation program “House of Hope” started its work in 2006 and the HQ is in small willage near city of Koper.

The aim of the program of the House of Hope is to help the socially underprivileged and delinquent people (i.e. alcohol and drug addicts) with withdrawal, rehabilitation and return to society. The rehabilitation program does not make the House of Hope a detention camp. On the contrary – people have joined us of their own free will to make changes in their lives.



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Withdrawel And Rehabilitation Program

includes classes, household chores, duties, responsibilities, work training and work practice

The men attending the House of Hope's residential 15 month withdrawal and rehabilitation program are provided with full board, accommodation, clothing, and psychological and spiritual support.

The rehabilitation program consists of learning, household chores, duties, responsibilities, socializing, occupational therapy, and participation in other jobs and activities necessary for the regular life in the village.

Future healthy life in society

During the program the men are guided to see the reasons for, and the consequences of their addiction (close relationships, self-awareness); they are encouraged to restore their broken relationships. The men learn how to work with each other's support on daily basis, to deal with and solve problems as they arise, to respect the people and nature around them, to take care of themselves and the others – to do everything they have not been able to do so far.

It is important that the men learn how to take responsibility for what they have done, and if necessary, to fix their relations with government authorities. We are unable to change the past, but we can facilitate the men's healing and this way also their future healthy life in society.

Out of the graduates of the program 69% have remained sober.


Freedom from an addiction

Our experience has led us to the conclusion that it is possible for a man to become free from an addiction only when he has a firm personal wish and he creates a personal relationship with God. What we can do is facilitate, encourage, motivate and help the men to make changes in their lives, but it is the man himself who has to want those changes, make an effort, and do the job.


Work practice 

Each man participating in the rehabilitation program has to work six hours a day in accordance with his skills, abilities and health. In essence, it is work practice which is an opportunity given to every man in the program to gain and improve work-related knowledge and skills. It is also work training to facilitate the restoring or obtaining of the men's work habits.

Work practice lays a foundation for the men's ability to succeed in their future life. It is elementary that one needs to do the routine jobs of taking care of one's living place, cooking, cleaning and giving one's input to developing the village. But the main basis for our work practice is our company Servus doo.


The aim of work practice

Work practice is always carried out under close supervision by our leaders who are very strict about following the rules of work culture and occupational safety.

The aim of work practice is to restore or build up the men's work habits; to teach them work ethic and sense of duty; to teach them how to deal with problems that arise in the course of work process and solve them together with their work mates; to teach them to follow the rules of occupational safety and other guidelines.