If you are thinking of seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, you are not alone. The number of people suffering from addiction in Slovenia is astounding. Our team is here to help you make the right choice.


Djordje Matic, Novi Sad

Hi, I'm Djordje, from Novi Sad, born 1978 in, at first glance, a normal family, which of course was highly dysfunctional. Nevertheless, in my first year of high school I tried marijuana first and then everything else. After a couple of years I ended up on heroin. Then the fight began in private and later public hospitals, as well as working with eminent psychologists in Novi Sad, but nothing helped. Since it is a story similar to other drug addicts, at the age of 38 I learned about the existence of a EXIT rehabilitation center, Teen Challenge Slovenia, and there I went in 2017. There I came across incredible understanding, love, but also rules and a system that may not be clear to you at first glance. If you accept what you have been offered, you will gain incredible stability because you will build character, and by building character you will gain integrity in all your future relationships and decisions. All in all, an amazing workout for further life because it all becomes so logical to realize that it was all God's plan for you. By going to the Center, I have made friends that I have infinite trust in. Fear will disappear, a new life will arise. You just need a little courage and it is possible!


Gasper Kasnar, Ljubljana

I'm Gašper from Ljubljana, like most people who start experimenting with drugs, and I started smoking marijuana at the age of fourteen. It soon became more important than sport habbits and it became my lifestyle, with party drugs and alcohol joining it. I worked as a waiter and apart from work, there were soon only alcohol and drugs and running away from the reality of becoming addicted and destroying relationships with my family, partner and losing all perspective, self-esteem ... At 32, I was completely at bottom, heavily dependent and free of everything. The only way out was rehabilitation. I experienced a supernatural change, completed the program and am now employed by the Exodus Society. Relations with my family are repaired, I am free to enjoy a life that makes me happy, small things, sports ... The future is full of hope, as not only am I sober, but I know the source of true joy, peace and contentment.


Vanja Jakovljevic, Novi Sad

Hi, I'm Vanja, I'm 40, most of whom I spent as an addict. I was born and raised in a healthy, normal family, but that did not help my intention and decision to start bad habits in elementary school. I lit a cigarette first, and shortly thereafter I switched to marijuana, alcohol, pills and any substance that had the potential to change my consciousness, but more importantly, how I felt. Use of active substances, i. drugs became my daily routine, an activity that I believed brought me peace, joy and contentment, acceptance in society and a cool identity. During next 10 years of using, material situation and health became more difficult under the influence of drugs. I used drugs only to be able to function practically at some basic level, the periods of pleasure were practically gone, and the periods of pain, trouble, shortages and dissatisfaction became unbearably long. In the following years, I spent various private clinics and offices, working and talking with psychologists and psychiatrists, using substitution therapy, ie. substitution drug therapies. I was sure I would never end up there, at a state institution for the treatment of addiction - psychiatry. Although I eventually spent 5 years there in a substitution treatment program, my condition progressively only got worse and worse, and that little optimism, meaning and faith in life was lost, the "light" slowly went out, I felt it. This is where my godfather Boris, a buddy from my early school days, comes into the story, with whom I grew up and gained my first experiences in life. He motivated me years ago and advised me to go to the EXIT rehabilitation center, Teen Challenge in Slovenia as a place where they could help me. I have long denied this, believing in my strength, that I can quit if I decide to do so, even though the years behind me have told a different story. That's where a whole new chapter of my life really begins, it's where I really got the opportunity of a lifetime to come back to life. Thanks to the wonderful, dedicated people who work there, as well as the selfless desire to help and the love and support they provide every step of the way in a healthy, safe and sheltered environment, my life has started to change. With each day I spent at the Center, the power and squeeze that drugs had on me diminished, and life, health, the will to live, joy and happiness all came back. At the Center, I was given the opportunity to reconsider, clean and sober, look at my life, gain the strength and support to face my problems, as well as to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a healthy and normal life after successfully completing the program. Now, after the program, I feel like I was given a new chance in life, the possibility of a fresh start, of what I thought was impossible for me in life, however, it turned out possible. The strength, will, peace, life, joy and happiness that each new day brings, the sense of worth, purpose and meaning that everyone should have is restored. Getting out of trouble is possible, getting out is real, let life wins.

Tomaz Toplak, Maribor

When I looked at myself in the mirror five years ago, I saw an emotional wreck shaped by years of drug and alcohol abuse. I confessed that I could no longer do it and decided to seek help. I accidentally found out about Teen Challenge Slovenia. I never thought in my dream that it would change my life forever. Desperate, broken, emotionally numb, I decided to take a new path. I succeeded with the help of good people and strong will. After the program, I got a job, found the love of my life and got married. My wife and I are expecting our first child and we are looking forward to tomorrow. What about you? It's your decision!