If you are thinking of seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, you are not alone. The number of people suffering from addiction in Slovenia is astounding. 

Our team is here to help you make the right choice.



Društvo "Izhod" Teen Challenge is an NGO providing counselling and assistance to addicted persons and their family member. In the framework of Društvo Izhod TC, we carry out preventive activities entitled “Bodi car, reci ne!” (which means: Be cool, say no!) targeting young people across schools. We organize motivational campaigns and get involved in conversations with addicted persons across methadone clinics and on the streets with homeless persons. The most significant activity of Društvo Izhod TC is undoubtedly the operation of a 24-hour day/night men rehabilitation centre for addiction treatment which is located on a farm in the Slovenian part of Istria within the municipality of Piran. The 18-month therapy programme consists of 6 phases according to individual maturity levels which every client needs to go through. The peculiarity of our day/night rehabilitation centre for men is the financing through voluntary contributions of good people who trust our operation and our own diligent work. We believe that through work our clients obtain precious knowledge, attitudes and values which can help them become more successful people in the future.


MAGDALENA HORJAK, therapist / counselor

Hi, my name is Magdalena. My work in the association Društvo IZHOD includes the preparation of the “Studies for new life” curriculum for students and the organization of the association’s social networking. My opinion is that there is hope for everyone who is willing to change their life. Love and acceptance are core values in working with addicts who had already stopped believing in themselves and need someone to believe in them again, as they are momentarily unable to do so. The most fulfilling thing for me is to give hope to the hopeless, my greatest reward is when lost people find new purpose in life, step out in freedom and the fullness of new life.


DEJAN BERGINC, professional manager

Hello, my name is Dejan. I started working in Društvo IZHOD eleven years ago at the very beginning of its operation. My work includes counselling and mentorship, I equip students through practical work to be able to start living a responsible life once they finish the programme. I help them with practical advice from the Word of God on how to live a successful life. My goal is to teach them to work diligently, remain honest and change their way of thinking for example about the idea of “easy money” without any responsibilities attached to it. It is important that after the programme, our students become responsible, diligent and hard-working employees, who will see work as privilege and not a burden, who will be glad to have a job and carry a certain amount of responsibility at their workplace. Obedience, perseverance, humility, kindness, honesty, diligence, sacrifice, generosity, responsibility, reliability, these are just some of the values which I try to impart to the persons in the rehabilitation programme.


RENATA BERGINC, administration

Društvo IZHOD helps those, who found themselves stuck in the vicious cycle and cannot get out or are still unaware of their need to get help. The main part of our work is to accommodate people in our house of hope – a residential centre where men can find a temporary home, learn a new way of thinking directed towards a continuous character-building and exposing of lies which they used to believe. Individuals in the programme need their family to support them, have hope for them as well as provide certain rules and limits which need to be respected. Only so the students persevere, do not lose hope in times of distress and discomfort and do not return back to the “safety” of their parents. There is a great need to submit to authority, be open for advice coming from persons who overcame similar problems, encountered similar experience, overcame all obstacles and now live in freedom, serve and help others. This way the students can be prepared to let go of clutter filling their lives and step out in genuine freedom. My greatest joy is to see individuals who go from victory to victory, enjoy their lives and are determined to overcome all obstacles that may occur.


ERVIN ŠTEFANČIČ, therapist / counselor

Greetings, my name is Ervin. Before I started working in Društvo IZHOD, I was helping the organization as a volunteer for several years. This way I acquired the necessary experience in the relevant field. My work consists of counselling, arranging the centre and surroundings as well as fieldwork. There is much to be done as we simultaneously operate in several areas. Our daily challenges are wide-ranging just as people are not the same. Their problems are determined by their background or family background as well as the duration of their substance dependence. According to my opinion, the greatest problem of people who come to our centre is their responsibility towards themselves and their environment, respectively the lack thereof. We advise them on how to follow instructions and advice which they learned during the programme, this includes their attitudes, actions and reactions. An extremely important matter is their approach and expectations towards their own future including the place where the start living, job where they start working after the programme as well as people who they spend their time with. My greatest joy is when somebody starts living in freedom from addiction and maintains this freedom to continue a life in its fullness doing what they were born for.


ŽELJKO ČEROVIĆ, administration

Hi, my name is Željko. I have been involved with Društvo IZHOD for six years. I am responsible for various administrative tasks, besides this I help with counselling and daily guidance of the students. And because in the past I completed the programme, I know what the greatest challenges and problems of the students can be. I also know that there is a way out (“izhod” in Slovenian) and it is worth it to try to help. I try to approach each individual according to their needs and help them acquire character qualities which will help them in life once they finish the programme and return to society. I really like to see when a person seeking help is open to make the necessary changes as I know that this attitude is a key condition for future victory in the process of fighting addiction.


DRAGAN MLADENOV, therapist / counselor

My name is Dragan. I was addicted to drugs when my friend from Skopje advised me and helped me to come here for rehabilitation. The thing that helped me the most was the personal counselling by the responsible people here. During the programme, I had to learn so many things. I needed personal counselling on how to break free from the problems which were hindering me during my time in the programme. I try to help with useful advice, encourage people so that they do not give up with their rehabilitation. My life goal is to become an excellent example. At the moment I still face many challenges, where I develop my creativity, patience and gain new experience with my daily task. My greatest joy is to see progress and change in the life of other students. This is my motivation and a reminder why I am still here in Društvo IZHOD.


GAŠPER KAŠNAR, Field worker

My name is Gašper. Three years ago, I struggled with addiction to alcohol. I decided to come to Društvo IZHOD as my psychological and physical addiction became so strong, that my life was totally out of control. It took quite some time before I was ready to see this, accept the fact and search for help. At the moment. I work in a company which was founded with the purpose of co-financing the association. Working in the company is also a component of the rehab centre programme. The very fact that people who are former addicts now live differently can potentially give hope and show an example. We try to show that this is possible and help people understand, what needs to be done for such change. I am glad to be a part of the transformation process going on in my life as well as in the lives of others around me. This is a story of transformation from a person barely alive who was more of a burden to others, to someone who is a real blessing for everyone around them!